The advantage of an own electronics production is to manufacture electronic components needed in the short term. Another advantage is that the required electronic components can be delivered over many years (no dependence on suppliers). For others, even well-known manufacturers, this is often not the case. For the customer, this means a maximum of functional and investment security. We support you at any time as a competent advisory. Also SDE can realize special solutions and adaptations by your requirements.
Measuring frame
SDE Measuring frame detect the volume of a log by using Infrared technology (Input measuring). The system consists of a transmitter, a receiver and an electronic analyse module. There are several sizes available. They all have a resolution of 1 mm.
Measuring area
DM 320 S/E
maximum 320 mm
DM 512 S/E
maximum 512 mm
DM 768 S/E
maximum 768 mm
DM 1024 S/E
maximum 1024 mm
DM 1280 S/E
maximum 1280 mm
Further sizes are available on request.
This product line has proven itself as very reliable in may applications. The frame is standing for precision, robustness and longevity.
Ultrasonic measuring modules
Supplementary to our Infrared solution we offer the SDE Ultrasonic modules for diameter detection.
Transmitter and receiver are integrated in one case. Depending on the measuring area the module get a particular number of ultrasonic sensors. We recommend this concept if a continuous conveyor makes a standard cross measuring (with infra red) impossible. The modules are normally available for a measuring area up to 1500 mm. In request we build modules for an area beyond this figure.
Fieldbus componets
SDE Fieldbus system is standing for quick and easy mounting because of low wiring efforts. Here you can find our product range:
Bus coupler
Bus Coupler Interbus
Bus Coupler Ethernet (SBUS)
Input module with 16 inputs, 24V
Output module with 16 outputs, 24V / 500mA
Combination of in-/output, 8 inputs / 8 outputs, 24V
Keypad module with 8 LED lighted keys
Multipurpose Module for different applications like - Diameter IR-Frame, Position IR-Frame - Diameter US-Sens, position US-Senso - BTL signal (linear transducers) - Counter (frequency max. 100 kHz) - SSI-transducer
Moduls for Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog-conversion - 9 Input channels 0..10V - 4 Output channels 0..10V
Control chair
The pivoted SDE control chair give the operator a maximum of ergonomics and safeness. The convenient leather seat is adjustable individually.
The cover of the armrests are made from wood with integrated aluminium sheets. Customisation is possible on request.
Here are further pictures of the control chair. Please click to enlarge.
Frontal viewt
View left
View right
without control elements
Control desk
Basically the customer can choose form a wide range of different housing dimensions. The control desk can be delivered with or without stand. Our standards are TFT monitors (with / without touch screen function). Keyboard and single keys are resistant against dirt and humidity. This allows a long life time under rough environmental circumstance.
open housing
Variant 1
Variant 2
The SDE Industrial PC has typical properties like robustness and longevity in an industrial surrounding. We always use actual motherboards and the operating systems Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10. Furthermore this PC is optimised for integration into switch cabinets since all connectors and interfaces are reachable from the frontal side. Fitting dimension: 19 “ frame and 4 rack units.
According to our motto: “From one source” SDE manufactures switching cabinets that are necessary for the hardware components of SDE in a saw mill (e. g. a volume unit). We offer our customers to purchase switch cabinet, fieldbus modules and Industrial PC in one package. So we can test all components before the delivery which is a big advantage. Please click on the pictures below to enlarge.
open cabinet
Volume unit
- Measuring frame - Ultrasonic measuring modules - Fieldbus componets - Positioning system - Control chair - Control desk - Industrial-PC - Switch cabinet
All hardware and software components are developed and produced by ourselve.
workflow of our SMD production: 1. Applying the solder paste by a silk-screen printing process 2. Placing of components by SMD mounting machine with vision system (2 cameras) 3. Soldering of the board in a reflow furnace with controllable temperature profile 4. Review of the board by visual inspection 5. Manual retrofitting of conventional components (for example plugs) 6. Optionally programming of the firmware in the controller 7. Calibration and adjustment of the electronics by analog signals 8. Electronic test and functional testing of electronic 9. Installation in the housing 10.Vibration testing of electronics (Shaker) 11.Temperature test of electronics (Run-In / Burn-In Test) The operations in the manufacture of conventional components (THT-technology) differs only in the assembly and soldering technology. The finished assembled board is driven over a solder wave and automatically soldered.
You can a drawing of the out dimensions of Measuring frame and Rotary puls encoder in our download area.
Bus Coupler Profibus
POS 100
Positioning system for one axle per module Usable sensors : - Analog input (Current / Voltage) - SSI-transducter - BTL signal (linear transducers) Analog Output with +/- 10V
Industrial -PC
Switch cabinet
SMD = Surface mounted device [oberflächenmontiertes Bauteil ]
THT = Through Hole Technology [Bauteil mit Durchsteckmontage]
Please click on the pictures below to enlarge.
Compact operationg unit
Input module with 16 inputs, 24V (switching negative)
Ultrasonic measurement für 8 Sensors